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"ORBITAL is a game of skill, it's a game of strategy, it's a game of reflexes, and it's a game you will keep front and center of your iPhone for weeks on end."
John Bardinelli

"Orbital is the most visually appealing brick breaker type game that I have ever laid eyes on and had the chance to play." 5/5

"Orbital has got fantastic graphics and unfussy features. Come to think of it, there are really no negative points about the game. Good going, Bitforge!" 5/5

"Orbital takes simple gameplay and dresses it up with a unique “gravity” feature and enhanced graphics. The game can be very frustrating at times, but that won’t keep you from coming back for another try." 4/5
Will Raskin

"While there are already a few iPhone games that share the same gameplay mechanics as Orbital, none of them look anywhere near as cool. "
Eli Hodapp

"I can almost guarantee that Orbital will secure a coveted spot among the top retro games in the app store!" 5/5
Emil Frank

"Despite it’s simplicity, it’s incredibly addictive and very challenging. I find myself continually saying just one more time…" 9/10
Shaun Campbell

"ORBITAL is a highly original game with a good difficulty level and the guaranteed 'One last game and then I'll stop' effect. Highly recommended."
Giuseppe Migliorino

"BitForge has managed to combine the addictive gameplay of Peggle and the beauty of Geometry Wars, two digital forms of crack, into one easy to use package."
Chad George

"From our time with it, it's looking to be a very smooth, simple physics game with a lot of added polish."
Andrew Podolsky

"The right choice for those iPhone owners who don't want to play standard games."


orbital at the imagine the future

The International Fantastic Film Festival welcomes numerous guests every year. During this festival, the seminar Imagine the Future took place, in which speakers talked about games and in particular Swiss Game Productions.

Orbital has of course been presented there too during the exibition of Swiss Games. But not only as a poster! The game could also be played by the visitors on the iPad. Until now, Orbital has been downloaded over 70'000 times and has won several prices all over the world. Also Orbital has been mentioned in the New York Times online edition as one of eight apps "worth downloading". We are therefore very proud that Orbital is presented also in Switzerland at the International Fantastic Film Festival.

Imagine the Future has not only been an event vor interested visitors, but was also a small Meet&Greet of the Game-Developers of Switzerland. Nearly all developers and designers have met there and presented their work during the exibition and in speeches. Of course we took a lot of inspiration with us from the event and we are excited about the results that are awaiting us in near future.

orbital mentioned in the new york times

And we couldn't be more proud. Orbital has been mentioned in an arcitle of the New York Times among a list of those eight Smartphone-Games which are worth downloading. The author Seth Schiesel writes about the different advantages of different mobile devices and in a slide show attached to the article Orbital is mentioned as well as one of the eight games he considers games "worth downloading".  "Orbital is one of those games that sneak up on you and gradually insinuate themselves into your psyche", he writes. And: "Like most inventive puzzle games it (the Gameplay) sounds daft until you get the hang of it. Next thing you know an hour has gone by."


The article of the New York times you'll find here.

Orbital currently unavailable
Dear Orbital players. We have decided to remove Orbital from all stores for the time being, we will get the title back into the stores as soon as possible.
Orbital at the night of the museum in Basel

At February 21th, the night of the museum took place in Basel. And at the participating House of Electronic Arts the game ORBITAL was playable on the iPad. The House of Electronic Arts shows innovative digital contributions in the field of computer games. Every one of them of course produced in Switzerland.

Orbital HD in the NY Times

What a surprise: The New York times has picked Orbital HD as one of the apps that make your iPad magical (honorable mention)


Great news for all Palm Pré users out there: Orbital is now available for your favourite device: Get it here. All you guys with an Android: don't be sad, there are some good news coming your way.

Orbital still one of the best apps

Orbital is still receiving love from the press. PC PRO says it deserves the fourth spot in it's Top 73 Apps list. We don't object.

Orbital HD situation - update

We've just submitted an update to solve the iPad perfomance issues, another more substantial update will be coming, stay tuned for info.

Orbital HD on iPad @ launch

Good news, Orbital HD will be available on the launch of the iPad. It's a fresh take on the mesmerizing experience, with HD Art & Sound. Price is 2.99$. Tabletop Multiplayer is going to be amazing :-)

Orbital on iPad

Yesterday was full of surprises. Not because Apple launched the iPad, no, because ORBITAL was installed on the iPad's they had for the Press and on Stage!

Slidetoplay had a hands on with Orbital on the iPad and they liked it:

"We also played Orbital, a fun little physics game that works great on the iPad. The two-player mode let us lay the tablet down on the table and casually poke at it, sending colored spheres into our opponent’s side of the screen. Our foe, Wired’s Chris Kohler, schooled us with his superior skills. Scrabble and Orbital were the two most natural fits for the iPad’s larger screen."

Happy New Year!

We hope you had a great start into the new year!

We had: Orbital has been nominated three times for the Best App Ever Awards! Now we need YOU to VOTE for the App, we appreciate it:

1) Best Productivity Killer
2) Best Casual Game
3) Best Puzzle Game

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