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"ORBITAL is a game of skill, it's a game of strategy, it's a game of reflexes, and it's a game you will keep front and center of your iPhone for weeks on end."
John Bardinelli

"Orbital is the most visually appealing brick breaker type game that I have ever laid eyes on and had the chance to play." 5/5

"Orbital has got fantastic graphics and unfussy features. Come to think of it, there are really no negative points about the game. Good going, Bitforge!" 5/5

"Orbital takes simple gameplay and dresses it up with a unique ďgravityĒ feature and enhanced graphics. The game can be very frustrating at times, but that wonít keep you from coming back for another try." 4/5
Will Raskin

"While there are already a few iPhone games that share the same gameplay mechanics as Orbital, none of them look anywhere near as cool. "
Eli Hodapp

"I can almost guarantee that Orbital will secure a coveted spot among the top retro games in the app store!" 5/5
Emil Frank

"Despite itís simplicity, itís incredibly addictive and very challenging. I find myself continually saying just one more timeÖ" 9/10
Shaun Campbell

"ORBITAL is a highly original game with a good difficulty level and the guaranteed 'One last game and then I'll stop' effect. Highly recommended."
Giuseppe Migliorino

"BitForge has managed to combine the addictive gameplay of Peggle and the beauty of Geometry Wars, two digital forms of crack, into one easy to use package."
Chad George

"From our time with it, it's looking to be a very smooth, simple physics game with a lot of added polish."
Andrew Podolsky

"The right choice for those iPhone owners who don't want to play standard games."

Weekend Wrap-Up

Cnet picked orbital twice:

Crave Blog: Three iPhone games make for perfect last-minute gifts

Download Blog: The 17 best iPhone games of 2009

This blog article by triplepoint caused some stir:

TUAW and Slide to play had a story about it, interesting to see how the discussion evolved. Interesting to see how they took the piracy part as being important although it was more about this:

"So before you take out that second mortgage, sell your car, and bet it all on iPhone development, keep in mind that even the best apps are no guarantee of commercial success.

App Store success isnít so much about catching lightning in a bottle as it is about when your lightning strikes and what other bolts are coming down at the same time."

Game of the Year

The fellow game designers at Denki think that this year two games deserve the title Game of the Year: Batman Arkham Asylum and Orbital. What's better than praise from great puzzle game developers?

Here's what Denki's own UK Games Media Legend Gary Penn has to say: "Trials HDís awesome (mostly). New Super Mario Bros. Wiiís awesomer (mostlier). But Orbital is awesomest (completeliest). Game of the DECADE."

Top games of this decade

Jake Smith thinks Orbital is one of the Top10 games of this decade - along with some lesser known games like Mario Kart, Metal Gear Solid 4 or Guitar Hero World Tour. We're feeling honored.

Orbital wins DiscoveryBeat Apps Contest

Orbital wins DiscoveryBeat Apps Contest! Also, nominations for the Best App Ever are now open. If you think that Orbital is the Best Productivity Killer of 2009, head over to the site and nominate the Game! Nominate for all categories you see fit.

Orbital Free available now!

Orbital Free is finally available for download! Spread the word.

Download now!

Perfect score: 100/100

Sean from Panappticon has a nice review up:

Orbital Review: Casual Gaming Perfection

Orbital received a perfect 100/100 Score - thank you, we feel honoured!

ORBITAL better than Space Trip
Sunday, 25 October 2009 11:29

Yes, you read correctly. Research has shown that BITFORGE's iPhone Game ORBITAL is way better than a space trip! Check it out:

Better than Space Trip

Also, BITFORGE offers free digital crack soon! Oh, and ORBITAL is down to 0.99$.

Featured on
Tuesday, 13 October 2009 21:04 chose ORBITAL into their Best-of list describing addictive, immediate and accessible games. It always feels great to see that! ;) Thank you Craig!

Read here the full text. Editor's pick
Tuesday, 06 October 2009 12:58

Chris's Top 3 Apps of All Time:

1. Orbital
2. Fieldrunners
3. Need For Speed: Undercover

Read the full story here:

And another review. Thank you guys for this one!

Best of its Kind (Retro Games)
Tuesday, 22 September 2009 09:01

The Touch Arcade Forum community voted Orbital into the top 5 retro games:

1. geoDefense
2. Space Invaders Infinity Gene
3. Orbital
5. Saucelifter
6. Vector Tanks*

*Special Inclusion because of EDGE's app store absence.

Read here the whole thread.

Update 1.0.1
Tuesday, 22 September 2009 08:54

The first update is now available with the following changes:

- Listen to your own music
- Skip intro video
- Fixed Facebook Login
- Performance improvements
- Various refinements

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